Artist page


Being creative to me is the difference between living mundanely in the
normal world and flying in the magical world – it transports one to see
another view, feel another emotion, become an enriched person.

I have been to art College twice – once at the tender age of 16 and again when I was 39. When I was young money was tight at home and I felt I had to help as much as I could so I left college after a year and worked in Cardiff Public Libraries – a joy to me because reading is another of my passions and I could continue studying (art history etc.)

I worked around marriage and 2 children and the art interest was always there, hence going back to college at 39 to do a 3 year graphic design course. I was lucky enough to continue with my interests in art at a local art centre – Llanover Hall – doing Life Drawing, sculpture, painting, ceramics for about 15 years.

I find inspiration in an assortment of places – following the light is major, composition is important and drawing enables one to see so much more it’s a gift to your eyes. I love to do figurative work, still life and landscape is always intriguing but I am becoming more interested in abstraction – taking away or changing part of the subject to have a different mind-set about the work a bit like doing a crossword and the clue has different meanings. Art History is fascinating – following the progress of different modern artists can be very inspiring.

After I had done 1 year in college my daughter left school and came to the same college that I was in to do graphic design and 2 years later my son also came to our college to do a 3 year sculpture course. They both work in the arts - my daughter in Australia in a gallery and my son in Ireland teaching - I passed the Art Bug on to them! My grand daughter says “the apple does not fall far from the tree”!
I belong to the South Wales Art Society which has guest demonstrators and critiques by various artists and exhibitions of our work. It is useful to meet the local community interested in art. I paint at home in my studio.