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Stephen Brinkworth's art is influenced by 16 years working as an artist with children and young people in the South Wales valleys.

Young children paint spontaneously and unselfconsciously from memory: in order to accommodate images and events that best illustrate their experience.

Using materials similar to those readily available to children, such as crayons and poster paint (gouache), Brinkworth paints with the same intensity, enthusiasm and passion as he painted as a child.

The works are painted very precisely. Each equally important element is picked out in isolation and detail before they are arranged in deliberate composition. Brinkworth manipulates scale, perspective and even time in paintings. 

The paintings are not accurate representations. They are not paintings "of", but paintings "about" as the common themes of time passing, memories, loss, links and relationships overlap.

Old, new and long since demolished buildings appearing in the same painting represent past and present Cardiff existing at the same time: prompting the wistful thought that past, present and departed generations of family and friends live side by side in a Cardiff which is both recognisable and unfamiliar.

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