The Stomping 50's
  • The Stomping 50's

    Andrew Morton

    Mixed media on board

    48x32 Inch


    • About the artist

      Born 13th March 1944.

      As a boy I grew up in Essex and was sent to a private school. There I met a young art teacher who was to inspire me — he had just left the Slade. Amongst his tutors was L.S.Lowry.

      I spent all the money I had on art materials over the next few years and I completed a hundred or so paintings which I stored in my bedroom. One Saturday I returned from my part time job to find that my father had cleared out my bedroom and burnt all my paintings. I failed my entry to art school and never painted for the next fifty years.

      I am mainly self taught as an artist, I live just outside Brecon and I work mainly in mixed media on board.

      I am inspired by my early life in London and the Jazz scene in the early 60’s.

      Since moving to Wales thirty years ago, a lot of my work features still life and portraiture.