• Stackpole

    Artist: Luke Roberts

    Oil on board

    14 x 18 Inch


    • About the artist

      Luke Roberts is a painter originally from Anglesey, North Wales and currently based in Cardiff.

       Lukes' paintings are self portraits, studies of surface and an exploration of the barrier between the abstract and the figurative. The works investigate the ‘human condition’, which is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as: “the characteristics and key events which compose the essentials of human existence, such as birth, growth, emotionality and mortality”. Portraying skin as it has a role in all of this; both the inner emotional ego and outer physical experiences of life.

      His works attempt to deconstruct the idea of skin as a surface, examining it at its most basic levels; a barrier between innards and the outside and an envelope that contains our entire being.  Lukes' works represent a playful push against traditional representations of the human body, portraying flesh physically and tangibly through the prism of his own sexuality.