Meteor II

Meteor II

Artist: Pascal-Michel Dubois

Print on photo paper


72x72 cm

  • About the artist

    My art practice is a device inviting the spectator to experience from a different viewpoint our familiar fields of knowledge and imagination. The material of the everyday initiates my curiosity. I am enthralled by the capacity that art owns to take you from that space in that moment, to another space. I see my work as an idle observation of life like a doodle. Therefore, it is always in the making, constantly re-interpreting the fabric of reality. 
    I have used a large variety of media over the years, ranging from small drawings to large installations and live performances…

    More recently, simple replicas or modified versions of existing objects - such as maps, texts, diagrams and charts, photos, manufactured objects of all kind - have been appropriated & reassembled with the aim of generating incisive and intriguing moments. 
    Ultimately, my art practice is an attempt in documenting the art/life inherent correlation…