Kitten Face Crab Whiskers
  • Kitten Face Crab Whiskers

    Artist: Claire Trumble

    Oil on canvas

    75 x 75 cm


    • About the artist

      Claire Trumble’s work is full of light and shadow. Her figurative oil paintings capture memories of sun-soaked days by the beach, and the innocence of childhood.

      She studied fine art at Nottingham Trent University and worked for many years as a ceramic artist. Later she completed a masters in Production Design for Film & Television. She now works as an art director, graphic designer, and scenic painter for the TV industry in Cardiff. 

      Claire’s current paintings are bold and expressive, and seek to capture a moment in time, and the feeling of wind-swept coat lines, and the wild, tactile, exploration of youth. 

      Along side her work for television and film, she works on private commissions and portraits. She uses oil paints and prefers to work large scale on board. Her subjects a often drenched in light as she adores the high contrast of warm light and rich dark hues. 

      Claire is developing a series of work for exhibition, but is also available for commissions.