Golden Bowl

Golden Bowl

Artist: Bee Lilli

Acrylic and Collage with gloss finish on board

60 x 60 cm


  • About the artist

    Living and painting in South Wales, UK.

    My paintings include still life, landscape, flowers, and abstracts. The beautiful landscape around my home town is a great inspiration but I’m easily lured into new adventures and experiments. Whereas other artists find a particular style that becomes their trademark, my joy in the new, fresh and unknown, is still guiding my journey.

    The intent in my heart is that my paintings should bring joy and inspiration to the viewer through my work.

    I am a retired psychotherapist / clinical hypnotherapist. I took up painting in 2011 – a total novice with no background except in other creative areas such as garden design and interior design. At that time my Mother was in a hospice and I wanted to paint her an Angel. Because I had no idea how to draw or paint, a local class was the only option and a few weeks later my Mother had her angel to watch over her and I had found my next career.

    Regrettably, I suffer with an auto immune condition that keeps me out of the studio more often than I would like so I average less than 10 paintings most years; even so I have sold work internationally and have had paintings shortlisted for the Royal West Academy open show; I’ve exhibited work in several galleries and collected a couple of awards for my work along the way.