Martin Briggs

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About Martin

Born 1951.


Martin inherited his creativity from his father, an aircraft designer who rebuilt an old farmhouse as a family home, and his mother, who, in the immediate post war austerity, made all our clothes, grew all our food and encouraged us four children in every which way.


At school Martin was particularly good at sciences and so was channelled through to Reading University to study atomic physics. However his interest quickly waned. He hung out with the fine art crowd, turned his bed sitter into a studio and painted, influenced by the Op Art of Bridget Riley, the American Abstraction of Josef Albers, Frank Stella and Willem de Kooning, the Paris movements of Picasso and Matisse, Braque and Vlamink. Studio International was his comic and he fell in love with David Hockney.


The practicalities of life intervened. He maintained his interest in fine art, completing a Masters in Fine Art in 2004. After selling his business in 2015 Martin decided to become a full time artist. He also travels, taking his sketchbooks with him. He has produced series of prints from visits to Japan and India. He has a continuing interest in painting the Welsh landscape. He exhibits regularly and in 2018 had two major solo shows. He has a growing following of collectors. His painting studio is with the Kings Road Artists Studios where he was elected as Chair and he editions prints at Printhaus, both in Cardiff.