Artist page


Joshua Donkor is an artist who is currently working as an ABF Step Change Fellow at Cardiff Metropolitan University. He graduated from Illustration with a First in Illustration at the Cardiff School of Art and Design in the summer of 2020.


He describes his practice as visual narration. He aims to tell a story through his work and bring the audience into a different experience, whether through portraiture, landscape painting or installation. Through the work he hopes to convey different emotions and sensations and create an open platform for personal exploration and discussion.

His current work focuses on challenging perceptions of racial and cultural identity. Issues of racism and stereotyping have permeated Western art and remain present in contemporary media and society. This is most evident in mainstream standardisation of beauty, especially in music and cinema.

Growing up in in England has given Joshua a Western perspective /training in art and painting, yet his practice has also been significantly informed by Ghanaian culture alongside black artists and voices. Artists have a huge impact on society and with this comes a responsibility to use our voices to connect with others.


Re-appropriation enables him to combine traditional Western methods of painting with imagery and influences from his subjects’ cultural backgrounds. By telling peoples stories he hopes to emphasise the complexities that exist within “black identity” while also exposing a wider audience to a range of different experiences, perspectives and cultures.