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Born in Manchester and raised in Wales, John is now living in rural Illinois U.S.A. where he has lived since the late 90’s.

His passion for painting began in his early teens and while life experiences and work commitments meant art was placed on the back burner for many years, the desire never left him. John now spends most days in his studio and for the past 10 years has locally exhibited and sold his paintings that mostly characterise the local community.

His medium is predominantly oil although he does enjoy the occasional watercolour and charcoal sketch plain air session. He describes his style

as “artistic realism” and deliberately steers away from that of ultra realism as he believes this allows him to place his own interpretations into his art work. His enthusiasm is mostly geared towards Landscape painting, especially those of Wales and the West of England. He particularly loves street scenes of Cardiff and is currently working on his own personal project depicting city life in and around the capital.

His family still lives in Cardiff and the surrounding area and he looks forward to his regularly returns. Even though he was born in England he proudly considers himself Welsh and hopes that he can portray this through his art work.