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The online exhibition "FORM" brings together a selection of works that explore shape, colour and light featuring abstract, figurative and still life.

10% of all sales goes to Age UK charity to support the elderly during this crisis


Granite on paper & oil on canvas work by Sophie Galliers

Photography and digital work by Pascal Michal Dubuis.

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Sophie Galliers


I am a painter working in oils and acrylic to create abstract and semi-abstract landscapes, portraits and organic work.


I was born in Shropshire and graduated from Newcastle University in 1996 with a degree in fine art, after specialising in mixed media painting. Since that time I’ve continued to paint part-time while working within art education, firstly in the Midlands and then in the South West where I’m currently based. However, I now work full-time as a professional artist, exploring themes within my painting in greater depth.


My subjects include the rural beauty of the landscape around me in England and Wales, the exploration of the natural world at a microscopic, cellular level and the expressionist qualities within portraiture.


Through the process of painting, I seek to find a balance between shapes, patterns, textures and colours and in doing so, I approach my work in two different ways. I either start with the random application of colours and marks; building up layers of textures from which shapes and compositions emerge, or I begin with a more realistic rendering of a subject or place; drawing with paint. I also try to emphasise draughtsmanship within my work, exploring the relationship between the drawn image and the abstract mark.


Pascal Michal-Dubuis


My art practice is a device inviting the spectator to experience from multiple perspectives our familiar fields of knowledge and imagination. The material of the everyday initiates my curiosity.


I am enthralled by the capacity that art owns to take you from that space in that moment, to another space. I see my work as an idle observation of life like a doodle. Therefore, it is always in the making, constantly re-interpreting the fabric of reality.


I have used a large variety of media over the years, ranging from painting, drawing, site-specific installation, to animation and live performance. 

The ongoing “METEOR” series (gr: Meteôra, things raised up in the air. “Any atmospheric phenomenon”) illustrate this well. Series of detailed photos are shot skyward and stitched together in order to create a 360° composite image of the chosen tree… Thus, an entire series of trees’ images (different essence of trees at different seasons of the year) can be generated.

“Meteor” is a metaphoric attempt to make us think differently about the natural world. With this work, I am trying to invite the viewer to look at a simple tree from an extraordinary perspective, a new experience of reality.

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