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Bev Campbell is a Bristol based, visual artist, who is drawn and moved by weather and the changing light it creates in the landscape. She tries to recreate these internal moods in her work.

Most of her current work is from landscapes in Scotland.She trained in printmaking at The Bristol School Of Art after a career in teaching in schools and prisons. She has moved to painting full time since 2000 as she found print was not a fluid enough medium to express landscapes.

She experiences the landscape by running, cycling and walking in it, painting preliminary sketches en plein air and collecting found objects on site to use to make marks when the sketches are worked up into oil paintings.

The paintings are a series of layers of glazes perfected and then destroyed until the desired finish emerges. The paint is applied using seaweed or grasses found in the area alongside brushes and palette knives.

Bev’s landscapes are in private collections in the U.K and France.