Art restoration and conservation services

Accidental damage, smoke, dirt and time can all take their toll on an oil painting leaving it in need of restoration. Our specialist team have an extensive range of conservation methods to solve most issues from tears to cleaning.

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Professional cleaning bringing paintings back to life

Over the years, oil paintings accumulate smoke, dirt and grime on the surface. The usual culprits are coal smoke, fireplace smoke, tobacco smoke, kitchen grease and dust. Removing the smoke and dirt from an oil painting usually restores the colors in the painting to the way the artist intended.

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Repair of ripped or torn paintings

We use restoration methods and materials that that are reversable but will last decades.
The damaged area of the painting can be either patched or the entire painting can be lined - adhering the painting to a new supportive canvas to reinforce it.


Consolidating loose paint

Consolodating loose paint from the front of an oil painting is necessary if the paint is seperating from the ground, undercoat or canvas.
If the surface of your oil painting has become cracked and areas of paint are lifting from the canvas, we can re-adhere flaking paint, fill any losses, carefully retouch and colour-match any lost pigment for a seamless repair.

painting cleaning and re painting
painting restoration cardiff

Great service from start to finish. After badly damaging a very sentimental painting, I went to Alon who gave me great advice and was very patient. I don't know much about art, even though my family does, so I was very lost but he took me through all of the options and made sure we were both happy.

The painting looks amazing it has been framed to a high standard and such good care has been done with it. I couldn't have asked for better service.

Catrin Griffiths

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Cathays gallery & framing works to your needs, we are one of Cardiff's top specialist.

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